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ACT! 2000

Information manager for salespeople
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It's really no surprise that ACT! 2000 is the contact management software preferred by small businesses and over 3 million sales professionals worldwide. At least not when you take a closer look at what ACT! 2000 does for you. Detailed contact and account information. Sales tips from Dale Carnegie training. A complete history of your contact-related communications. Full calendar management of your schedule.

Actual users' questions

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  • Question: I have been using a purchased version of ACT!2000 for several years. I purchased a new computer running Windows 7 and when I installed my files in the new computer I can't use the word processor. Is there a fix for this?

    This product has been discontinued, meaning that it doesn't have support for Windows 7. The software was released for Windows XP, without Windows 7 support. This means you will have issues with the application on Windows 7. However, right click the application and choose Windows XP from the Compatibility tab, then run it as Administrator and there might be a chance to use the word processor. Unfortunately, there is no other fix available except this one.

  • Question: How to download the program to my new Windows 7 x64 laptop?

    Since the product is discontinued, the downloading process is not possible, but you can use the ACT! forums to request a setup package from the users if you still have the license key.

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